Emerson’s mom sent us this photo after he surprised her when was up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday chopping his POP veggies for vegetable soup!


Mom Quote: “For dinner, my daughter is having carrots from the farmers market that she picked out and purchased with her POP cash!!! Carrots and ranch!! She’s so proud.”

Mom Quote: “...that was the first time my son had tried a radish, so when he saw me eating that night on my salad he at least knew what it was!"



Mom Quote: “Kelly loved your kids taste testing booth", and told us Kelly asked her parents if she could start a garden, "...we bought radishes at the farmers market and we planted radish seeds."


POP Kids' Club is a free club for kids.  POP stands for the Power of Produce, and encourages kids to try new foods, to eat healthy, and to have fun at the market.  This year POP Club will be online right here!

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