Late Summer/Fall 2018  The Arlington Village Farmers Market began as a six-week test market, the idea being developed by Jim Baker and the members of The Arlington Area Renewal Project. It found quick support in local innkeepers, Eric and Elizabeth Berger, and with The Keelan Family Foundation.  The local residents and visiting vacationers made it an immediate success. Thirteen vendors offered local goods, and The Arlington Inn sold small plates on the patio. Shoppers listened to local bands play live music as they strolled in the shade, chatting with friends and meeting new people. Time would fail to mention all the area residents who worked together to pull off this new venture, but they are much appreciated, and many still serve as volunteers each Friday night at the market.

Winter 2018  A holiday market           was soon planned, and held at The Federated Church in East Arlington leading up to Christmas, led again by Laurie Glover and other volunteers from The Arlington Area Renewal Project.  During this market, Jessica Roberts became involved, and became the market manager for the summer of 2019. 


Summer 2019  The market grew due to the increased support of the town of Arlington and the surrounding area. We joined The Vermont Farmers Market Association           and The Farmers Market Coalition.  A POP (Power of Produce) Kids' Club proved to be a popular addition, directed by Jessica Bachiochi.  This club offered tastes of new and different produce each week, fun activities and simple crafts. Each child earned POP BUCK$ which could only be spent on fresh  produce.  The Battenkill Valley Health Center, our local public schools, and the Bachiochi family raised $1,000.00 to provide the needed supplies for the club.  Other clubs and organizations like The Arlington Garden Club offered additional kid-friendly educational activities.  The market grew to 34 booths market stretching across The Arlington Inn's  lawn, and showcasing the goods, art and services of 65 vendors.


Summer 2020  In 2020, The Arlington Village Farmers Market, Inc. was founded as its own state recognized non-profit entity, with a board of directors including Jessica Bachiochi, Olavi Wirkki, and Pat Williams.  Planning began for 2020, but was threatened by the global pandemic of Covid-19.  Governor Scott closed all farmers markets for a short time, while the threat was assessed, and later opened them with new guidelines.  The music and event days had to be cancelled this year, and the POP Club will take place entirely online, but we are adapting so farmers who wish to vend their goods, and shoppers who want to buy fresh and local food can do so in a safe and secure market.  We will do our best to bring Arlington's best to you!    More Information


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