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POP Kids' Trivia of the Week

How much do you know about blueberries?  Guess the missing word(s), and then hover over                     to see if you're right!

Farmers markets are all about bringing fresh local food from local farms to local residents!  Did you know the blueberry is local to our continent? The blueberry is one of the only commercially-available fruits that is native to                          . Wild blueberries grow throughout the woods and mountainous regions in the United States and Canada. Once called “star berries” by Native Americans, the bottom of each berry has                     points in the shape of a star.


The silvery sheen on each berry is called “bloom.” Bloom indicates you have                       berries. This naturally occurring compound helps protect the fruit, so you should only wash blueberries right before                    .  


They have high levels of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, the compounds that color blueberries                    . Recognized as a superfood, they are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and iron. More than                     million pounds of blueberries are produced in the USA each year. (For viewing, make sure zoom is set to 100%)


POP Kids' Recipe

Blend up a Blueberry Smoothie and keep your cool this summer!

Blend together:

1  cup milk, or almond milk
1 banana, broken into chunks
1  cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup vanilla or plain yogurt

(optional) a handful of ice 


Take it to the next level!  When serving, garnish the top with a few decorative fresh blueberries and mint leaves.


Tip: don't have frozen berries? A fresh blueberry freezes in just four minutes!

Challenge: send us a photo of your creation via email or text and we will post it to Instagram!


POP Kids' Craft

1.  Gather your supplies: white paper, blue paint, glue, craft sticks, a paper plate, a potato, cork, or even your thumb!


2.  Pour some blue paint on your paper plate.


3. Cut the end off of a small potato, (you can also use a cork or a thumb to make a stamp for the berries).  What else would work?

4.  Dip the potato piece in blue paint and stamp berries on the paper.


5.  Glue craft or recycled ice pop sticks to make basket around the berries. 

Our weekly Trivia Game is not mobile optimized; only available on a computer.

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