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POP Kids' Trivia of the Week

How much do you know about compost?  Guess the missing word(s), and then hover over                     to see if you're right!

Soil loves compost!  Compost can enrich the soil and make fruit, vegetables or flowers grow.  Starting                     , Vermont law makes it necessary to compost food scraps which might otherwise end up in                     .  


Composting allows organic material to be collected and turned into a beneficial product that can be added to home gardens.  Using homemade compost to amend the soil reduces or eliminates the need for                    fertilizers.  Compost also encourages the development of beneficial bacteria and nutrient-filled humus in the soil.


Materials which can be composted include fruit or vegetable                     , eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, nut shells, shredded paper, yard trimmings, dryer                     , and fireplace ashes.  Good compost requires good ingredients.  It should have roughly equal amounts of green matter (grass, used vegetable matter) and                     matter (such as twigs, hay or leaves).  Adding water to the compost pile will help it develop properly.  You can read all about compost HERE


POP Kids' Recipe

This recipe is not for people - it's for plants!  You can water your plants with this tea to give them a boost of nutrients: potassium (promotes vigor, builds up pest and disease resistance), phosphorus (strongly influences flowers, promotes root growth) and calcium (improves oxygen in the soil, helps root and stem development).  Why not give it a try?

Banana Peel Tea

1.  Chop your discarded banana peel(s) into large pieces. 

2.  Cover the peel(s) with water in a jar, cap the jar, and allow the "tea" to sit for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator.  

3.  Remove the peel (add it to your compost pile).

Give your plants a drink of this refreshing "tea" - they are sure to appreciate it!


POP Kids' Craft

"Soil Loves Compost" collage competition!

Create a poster with the motto "Soil Loves Compost", discarded food, flowers and yard scraps for the chance to win a prize - the Science Club Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit & Decomposition Book!  This contest will end July 31, 2020, and voting will take place online starting next Friday right here in the online POP Club!  

1.  Make your own art using discarded fruit peels, vegetable scraps, sticks, flowers, yard trimmings, or any compostable material.

2.  Draw, write, or somehow include the motto "Soil Loves Compost".

3.  Take a photo of your creation and email it to us at

4.  Include your first name and your age with your artwork.

5.  Come back to our website to vote next week!  The winner will be announced July 31st.  Winner determined by people's choice. 

Inspiration by Irene Reichl and Brianna Borch, used with permission (UVM students in Composting Ecology & Management taught by Dr. Deb Neher) by

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